Swim Courses, Clinics and Therapy

Get Set 4 Swimming is delighted to offer different swimming courses and clinics. Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE and her team cater for YOU whether you are a pool, an open water swimmer or a triathlete or just wishing to swim for 'well-being'

Swim Courses, Clinics and Therapy

Get Set 4 Swimming is delighted to offer different swimming courses and clinics . Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE and her team cater for YOU whether you are a pool, an open water swimmer or a triathlete. For those wishing to swim for 'Well Being' there are therapeutic swim courses available, too. Come and join in.

Swim Courses, clinics and therapy

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Various one and half day courses run at Loughborough University Olympic Swimming Pool.  During the swim clinic you will have pool time to have your stroke evaluated both under and over the water as well as a session with a Get Set 4 Swimming yoga therapist who will enhance your understanding of functional movement, so important in any aspect of swimming – whether indoor or outdoor swimming.

The Swim Clinics will allow you to work on all elements of your freestyle stroke giving you solid feedback to improve your stroke. In turn this will help you prevent injury and other very useful aspects. With this increased awareness of how you move, you will be able to take away valuable elements to work on and to use whether you are into pool, triathlon or open water swimming.


And in 2016 new PERSONAL SWIM CLINICS run in Loughborough. Come along and either join a group of four swimmers, or bring your own group. This very personalised Swim Clinic takes place in Loughborough. You will experience all that happens in the previous swim clinics but with more detail.


Yoga for swimming forms part of this clinic and you will get the chance to swim in an Endless Pool with video analysis. In a very new log cabin, fitted with TV and other 'bits' you will definitely learn more than in a larger group, offered by other swim companies. Please ask at time of booking.


If you would like a specific date then please do ask as this is catered for. You may wish to have a swim clinic run for YOUR swimmers. Maximum size is four.


2016 dates: Sunday 13th November

2017 dates: TBC

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Are you wanting to improve your swimming in open water? Do you wish to enhance your functional movement? Do you want to gain a greater understanding of nutrition and the feeding process for open water and even bigger goals, such as the English Channel, Windermere or other event? And would it be useful to have your stroke analysed with both over and under the water filming? Then join us on this three/four day swim course. 

 David In lake Windermere

Get Set 4 Swimming offers the unique location of the Old England Hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere, with its luxury spa and modern leisure facilities with its own 20m indoor pool. The hotel itself is set in mature gardens with access to the lake out at the front.








Old england PoolDuring this course you will be get supervised and safe swims in the lake and for the more experienced a supported boat swim around the island (weather permitting). The course is taken by one of the world’s top open water and marathon swimmers, Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE with over 20 world records to her name.


You will have sessions with an expert yoga therapist from the Team who will show you through practical sessions, how to increase your functional movement as well as helping prevent injuries, so common in swimming. Get Set 4 Swimming is the only company in the UK to offer yoga therapy on swimming courses successfully.

For example see to the right some of the testimonials from the 2014 Scotland swim camp

Scotland swim camp Testimonials

(Matt UK Relay Swimmer): Great bunch of people thus an enjoyable weekend. The best part was the yoga and swimming around the island.

(Mary, UK Novice Open Water Swimmer): I enjoyed the yoga sessions which complemented the swimming well

(Nick, UK Solo Channel Swimmer)I also enjoyed the yoga. The practical and theoretical elements are so valuable to aspiring Chanel swimmers/Open water swimmers of ALL standards.