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Are you putting in the swim training and not getting the rewards back for it? Or do you suffer from nervousness and negative thoughts and you are intimidated at your events?


So why is sport psychology so important?

Sports PsychologyAre you putting in the swim training and not getting the rewards back for it? Or do you suffer from nervousness and negative thoughts and are intimidated at your events, or even you are already a successful swimmer but know that your results could be even better? Then, the last piece of the jigsaw is about the correct mind-training, the really important psychological element.


As it has been said everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental in training. The ‘event’ however (whether it be the Channel, Open Water or Pool event) is 90% mental. With over 36 years in the sport and numerous world records to her name, Dr. Julie Bradshaw of Get Set 4 Swimming knows what it is about to be mentally tough, as well as being physically trained for any swim you undertake whether that is in open water or indoors.


Julie walks the talk and passes on her expertise and experience in this area to all the swimmers who take coaching and training with Get Set 4 Swimming. Looking at the psychology behind what people experience when presented with something new such as being in open water for the first time she shows you the differences between swimmers with their internal and external focus and the effect that has on them when swimming outside. This uncomfortable experience may be a pool event, too or a triathlon – mind-set and psychology does not confine itself to one setting!


Having worked with sports people over the years, Julie knows what techniques to use to eliminate all the issues that may prevent you from achieving what you want to do. The biggest is self-belief, and through a variety of sports psychology methods you can replace this limiting belief with that of ‘I CAN DO IT’.

Please also check out the link to MindSonar® which greatly assisst both individuals and teams to understand their thinking in a specific context and therefore improve performance. 

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So want to know WHAT it entails and HOW?

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