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Have you just completed a few Open Water swims and want to step up to a bigger challenge? Then come and swim Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake at 10.5 miles long.

Have you just completed a few Open Water swims and want to step up to a bigger challenge? Then come and swim Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake at 10.5 miles long.  You get to swim the entire course from Lakeside to Ambleside the complete, recognised route with fully qualified, experienced and extremely knowledgeable boat drivers and safety crew.


Forget having to find someone to row a boat  to accompany you. At Get Set 4 Swimming, you will be accompanied safely on your swim by Our Team  Not all swim companies and events offer the full length due to large numbers of swimmers. With Get Set 4 Success Ltd you are offered one to one, personal attention and advice in the run up to your swim, along with help to ensure you have all the prerequisites such as the qualifying swim. Safety is taken very seriously and swimmers must complete a medical before embarking on this enormous challenge of the full 10.5 miles or further and fulfil other requirements.


At the helm will be Dr. Julie Bradshaw who has been taking swimmers on Windermere since 1978 and knows the lake well as she has swam it numerous times and still holds the record for the Four Way Windermere solo. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Get Set 4 Swimming are also able to offer swims accompanied by smaller motorised craft therefore catering for all swimmer budgets. Get Set 4 Success Ltd also recognises that some swimmers want to swim the Lake for charity so please enquire at the time about 'charity option' facility which may reduce the cost of the swim. This is up the discretion of the Company and certain criteria must be met.


If you don’t wish to do the full course, Julie and her Team are able to take you on part swims as well as accompanying relay swimmers. Small groups of solo swimmers can also be taken on the lake. Should you not already have done so, then two stepping stones to swimming the length of Lake Windermere are Coniston and Ullswater.


Due to safety reasons, only one swimmer is permitted to swim with the boat. Two Way Windermere swims are also available if you wish to challenge yourself to a 21 mile swim.


Should you and a friend or friends wish to swim Windermere at the same time, then please do ask since we have access to other craft. There would be additional costs for this. Part swims of the lake can be accommodated, too


Qualifying six and two hour swims are available for the English Channel, too. Please call me to find out more about these since they are ideal opportunities to practice your feeding regime and generally gain invaluable experience swimming alongside a larger boat.


Here is one of our many successful swimmers in action:



Swimming Lake Windermere is very popular leisure activity amongst Open Water swimmers and it is advisable to book well in advance. Relays are also taken depending upon numbers.





Get Set 4 Success Ltd have teamed up with the beautiful Blenheim Guesthouse in Windermere where you can stay and even overlook the lake you will be swimming! Only a 5 minute walk to the lake and local shops - a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy a magical weekend of swimming, whether you plan to swim Windermere, Ullswater or Coniston. (From £445 Per Person B&B) (minimum stay requirements may apply)


Swim Lake Windermere Blenheim Guesthouse














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