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Want to improve your Open Water Swimming whether that be in triathlon or other swim events such as Swimrun, then come along and join in on this weekend Open Water Swim Training Camp at the beautiful Bosworth Water Park in Leicestershire, Midlands


Want to improve your Open Water Swimming for Triathlon or other events such as Swimrun? Then come along and join in on this Weekend Open Water Swim Training Camp in the beautiful Bosworth Water Park in Leicestershire. This will take place in 27th/28th/29th April 2018.

This Open Water Swim Training Weekend Camp is suitable for most types of swimmer. In 2018, we are excited to announce that this weekend open water swim camp will be combined with the novice swimrun training day (Sun 29th April). The Open Water part will cover Open Water Swimming technique (plus video recorded  sessions in an Endless Pool) as well as theory, familiarisation with swimming in a wetsuit (If required), flexibility and core work through yoga and up to three swim sessions of Open Water Swimming including the two hour qualifying swim if you are a relay swimmer doing the English Channel (optional).


All this will help you improve your swimming, learning only from the best. This weekend Open Water Swim Training Camp is run by World Record Long Distance and English Channel swimmer, Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE and members of her Team (Yoga Teacher, GB triathlete, Specialist Swimrun coach). *


Bosworth Water Park Camping Camping Bosworth Water Park


You will benefit from their decades of experience. There will also be a session of yoga, which helps with injury prevention as well as a variety of other important aspects in swimming such as core strength and stability. You can choose to camp/caravan right next to the lake. Facilities include a cafe, male and female changing rooms with showers, a large picnic and BBQ area and children's play facilities.


Alternatively you can treat yourself to two nights (Friday to Sunday) in a guesthouse of your choice (plenty of options) including Bosworth Hall Hotel and Spa


Bosworth Hall Hotel and Spa

There are several guesthouses in the  nearby historic town of Bosworth, famous for the Battle of Bosworth many decades ago and steeped in history with Richard III. There is beautiful surrounding countryside with a nearby canal.

Bosworth Water Park

Open Water Swimming has taken place at Bosworth Water Park for many years. The lake is surrounded by trees and is a haven for wildlife and offers a safe environment for Open Water swimmers. It is shallow and you are never far from the bank. Boat safety cover will also be provided on the water.

This VENUE is EXCLUSIVE to Get Set 4 Success Ltd (Get Set 4 Swimming).

Come and join in the fun and learning in a safe environment where the safety and needs of YOU the swimmer, always come first.



*subject to availability.



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And here are a few words from some of those swimmers who attended the Inaugural May 2016 Swim Camp and the 2017 camp



“Really enjoyed it all…great yoga…thought it was really productive and on good individual focus…a really personal and bespoke feel to a productive weekend. Thanks to the whole Team.” (Simon M)



“My favourite part was being in the lake – familiarisation…a great clinic, good fun, top notch tutors – enough said!” (Neil Cobley)



“In practicing Open water I learned new tactics…it was a really good swim clinic.” (Chloe Blaydon)



“Morning swim lovely conditions. Good for gaining experience…swim clinic in a great location…yoga a nice addition.” (Stuart M)


"Would recommend this camp" (Swimmer 2017)



 For all testimonials from swimmers click here 



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