Blackpool Pier to Pier Open Water Swim 2019

The Iconic Official Annual Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim will be open again to swimmers on 27th July, 2019 thanks to Get Set 4 Success Ltd. This popular and unforgettable open water swim is here to please the crowds and is supported by Blackpool Council

Get Set 4 Success Ltd Proudly Present the Official Blackpool Pier to Pier Open Water Swim 2019

Open to both wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers


THE ICONIC Annual Official Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim will take place on Saturday 27th July, 2019. This popular Open Water Swim supported by Blackpool Council is back again to please the crowds. Once a regular swim, it had not taken place now for some years. Thanks to Julie Bradshaw's Team at Get Set 4 Success Ltd, the Pier Swim was brought it back in 2018!


Through the Pier Swim Get Set 4 Success Ltd (Events) works to promote LoveMyBeach a charity who along with other partners such as Keep Britain Tidy ensure the cleanliness of our beaches, bathing waters and our wildlife.

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The swim which costs only £48 (**) (refund protection payment optional) will take place on Saturday 27th July, 2019 and places are limited. Should the weather be inclement then the alternative date will be Sunday 28th July.


This fun and safe swim (thanks to Blackpool Council, the highly experienced Blackpool Beach Patrol and their Coastguards for the safety cover) will begin at North Pier and finish at South Pier, the 'home' of the Sandcastle Water Park. 


You will be transported safely to the start in one of Blackpool's lovely trams and pass along the Golden Mile with all its attractions including the famous Blackpool Tower. On completion of the swim, you will receive a bespoke souvenir to celebrate this special event along with a t-shirt. Get Set 4 Success Ltd have commissioned an artist whose image will appear on both the t-shirt and commemorative 'medal'.


Swimmers will be able to enjoy the comradeship of such an event by joining in celebrations afterwards and it is an opportunity to make more friends.


You may also find a DOLPHIN friend out there as sightings have been made only a few days ago. How awesome would that be to swim with this amazing species




Numbers are limited so please get in touch now to secure your place.



 Blackpool Pier Swim Start North Pier


You can enter directly by clicking this link NOW! :





Entry Central


Stringent Health and Safety rules attached to this Event mean that orange safer swimmer tow floats are mandatory for all swimmers (wetsuit and non-wetsuit)


The Blackpool Pier To Pier Swim is also on Facebook so please visit our page


Open Water Health and Safety Advice to Swimmers

Swimming in open water can be arduous and it is very important that every precaution is taken to eliminate risks of threat to health and possible death. Below are a few links that have been written by various organisations. Please read:


How to reduce the risk of illness when Open Water Swimming (by Public Health England)

 Water Quality:you are advised to please read this information which is further down the page 


 We would like to thank all those who are supporting us and so far to make this Event the best for 2019

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Get Set 4 Success Blackpool Pier Swim SponsorsGet Set 4 Success Blackpool Pier Swim Sponsors

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 Morrisons Blackpool Pier Swim 2019




Please read carefully and if you have any questions then just get in touch via our contact page.


6.15am Safety Briefing for Staff & Volunteers (Sandcastle Water Park) 


7am to 745am: Swim Registration opens (Sandcastle Water Park). Swimmers get changed at Sandcastle and travel in swim gear to the start via the Tram


 Please note you will need photo ID to register


8am to 815am: Swimmer Safety Briefing (Sandcastle Water Park)


830am to 845am: Swimmers take the tram to the start at North Pier. Each swimmer wearing their numbered wristband will be checked in upon boarding the tram outside the Sandcastle 

9am: Swimmers meet by the Get Set 4 Success 'START' Sail Flags for further updates/briefing


There will be a TEN and FIVE minute warning signal for the start of the event. Please note you MUST be wearing your wrist band and green swim cap (provided) and a safer swimmer/tow float in order to begin your swim. Anyone not wearing this equipment will not be allowed to enter the water. 

 9.30am Start of swim 

 Tram returns to South Beach, Sandcastle Water Park.


Swim finishes 

You will approximately 1.5 hours to complete the course. Anyone who is unable to do so in the time will be pulled from the water by the Beach Patrol and escorted safely to shore.


Each swimmer must give their numbered wrist band to the official upon completion of the swim. Bespoke plaques will then be handed to every participant.



****EXCITING NEWS FOR 2019****




Below is the course:


Blackpool Pier Swim July 2019


Refreshments and changing/showers will be available at the Sandcastle Water Park and it is also a place where you can mingle with your friends and fellow swimmers.





Each swimmer will be allocated a number usually the one they signed up to on Entry Central. Please ensure you have that printed off and with you, too for registration purposes in addition to your photo ID.


Between the swimmer briefing and the Tram ride each swimmer will change. Belongings can be kept safely in lockers provided at the Sandcastle Water Park. This is a £2 and refundable.


Refreshments will be available for swimmers in the Gazebo adjacent to the log flume by South Pier (next door to the Sandcastle)


We look forward to seeing you in Blackpool. Thank you for your entry.




 *******Water Quality*****

 Please see this on the following link at the bottom of the page: CLICK HERE




(**) By making payment of £48 (+ Entry Central booking fee) for this Event via Entry Central above it is deemed that you have read, agreed and understood all the T&C, rules and information pertaining to this Event and as such agree to be bound to them and by registering on the day of the Event it is deemed that you have also read, agreed and understood any and all amended and published T&C, Rules and Event information relevant to the Pier Swim Event and as shown on this website as well as on

and agree to be bound to them.







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